Family Law

Family is a source of great happiness but when things go wrong the opposite can be true. At Gair and Gibson we provide advice and services to prevent problems and to deal with them sympathetically if they do arise.

Residence & Contact

When a relationship breaks down the parents first thoughts are for their children. Residence and contact issues need to be addressed quickly with the children’s best interests at the forefront of any decision. Our specialist service uses a sympathetic approach to both parents and children of all ages. We provide expertise in advising and representing children during negotiations both out of court and if necessary, in either the Sheriff Court or the Court of Session.


Sometimes when a relationship breaks down divorce is the best solution for everyone concerned but it can be a difficult decision to make. Speaking to an experienced divorce solicitor about your options can help to clarify issues. If a divorce action is raised against you we will advise you how it should be dealt with. We will take steps to protect your interests and complete the action as swiftly and as painlessly as possible.


If a relationship has broken down irretrievably, you may need help and advice to protect the interests of you and your family. It is not an easy decision to reach but you need to be aware of your rights and obligations in the face of potential separation. It is important that the financial and other consequences of the breakdown are set out in a formal agreement, this can avoid the delay and the expense of court proceedings.

Adoption & Permanence Orders

If you are thinking of adopting a child or your child is the subject of potential adoption proceedings we can help. These processes can be complex and stressful for parents. Our family law partner is a specialist accredited by the Law Society of Scotland. We provide the expertise throughout every stage to ensure the procedures are completed as smoothly as possible while keeping you fully involved and informed.

Child Welfare Hearings & Children’s Panel

Families can find themselves with social work involvement or involved in the children’s hearing system. Our Family partner provides expert and sympathetic assistance to families in all aspects of these processes. This might involve attending children’s hearings, appealing decisions and dealing with: -referrals made by the children’s reporter to court; child protection orders; kinship carers; and many other legal issues.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

While it may not seem very romantic, the old saying, “prevention is better than cure” may be very appropriate when two people embark on their life together. Rather than a cause for suspicion, the drawing up of a pre-nuptial agreement can provide an ideal opportunity to ensure that you consider any issues that might otherwise lead to difficulties further down the line. This can be important in, for example, second marriages where there are children from a first marriage. We provide a service where you can talk through your options and set out your wishes in a legal document which, though currently not binding in law, will be taken into account in the event of a future relationship breakdown.

Relationship Breakdown

We are aware that this can be one of the most difficult events a person has to face and the way it is dealt with can have far reaching consequences. Our service guides you through the process, giving you the information and advice you need to protect your interests for the future.