Criminal Law

If you are suspected of a criminal offence it can affect your reputation, your livelihood and your liberty. We are here to advise you on your legal rights, prepare the most effective defence and represent you in court. Our criminal law partner has built up extensive expertise over many years successfully dealing with a wide range of criminal issue.


Being arrested or questioned in a police station about a criminal act is a serious and sometimes frightening process to go through. If you are in custody and need help, please contact us – we can offer help. You are entitled to free legal advice when you are questioned at a police station. Our criminal law partner can provide advice and support on a wide range of issues you may have been accused of or be questioned about.

Benefit & DWP Fraud

If you have been charged with Benefit or DWP fraud you should get in touch with us straight away. A conviction for this type of offence can seriously affect your future.

Our criminal legal experts can bring their expertise and experience to your case to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Domestic Abuse & Assault

We have a strong track record in defending cases of both assault and domestic abuse. If you are charged with either, it is vital to contact us to obtain legal advice as quickly as possible.

Cases of domestic abuse often involve people with no previous convictions who are going through difficult personal circumstances – perhaps financial problems, divorce or unemployment and the stress that brings with it.

We will explore any defence options available to you. We will then advise you on the best course of action using our extensive expertise to represent your case.

Theft or Fraud

Theft takes many forms, such as, shoplifting, theft as an employee, motor theft and theft by housebreaking – all are dealt with very seriously.

Fraud involves deliberate misrepresentation and can be committed in several ways including, in person, mail, phone, and using the Internet.

If you have been charged with theft or fraud, it’s important to contact us without delay. We can investigate your case and provide expert advice and representation based on years of successful experience.

Drug Offences

If you have been charged with possession of an illegal substances either for personal use or with intent to supply, we can help. Many people are not aware of the potentially serious consequences that may arise from the possession of even small amounts of a banned substance.

As well as the penalties, convictions can lead to you being banned from entering certain countries. We provide a full legal service bringing considerable experience and expertise to bear on your case.

Sexual Offences

If you have been charged with a sexual offence, you need legal advice as quickly as possible. Any accusation (even unsubstantiated) can have substantial and far-reaching consequences for the accused person and their family. Our criminal department has many years of experience in handling such cases successfully. We will deal with your case in a thorough and sensitive manner and use our full expertise to build a robust defence. Contact us today for expert representation.

Breach of the Peace

If you have been charged with breach of the peace it is important to act fast. We have successfully defended many clients who have been charged with breach of the peace and we provide a comprehensive service.

Acts which amount to a breach of the peace are wide in scope but usually include shouting, swearing and conducting oneself in a disorderly manner.